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Get ready for Seachtain na Gaelige and St. Patrick’s Day!

March is the month for everything Irish! If you are Irish or not, a tourist or a native, it doesn’t matter at all, the events are there for everybody and there are many.

Starting the Irish month is Seachtain na Gaelige, spreading over almost 2 weeks, it will be on between 5th and 17th March, rolling straight into St. Patrick’s Day festivities.

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Irish Dictionary.ie down again?

Update: error is still showing on Thursday 11th February 2010.

Since Sunday 7th February 2010 I’ve had reports that the Irish dictionary at http://www.irishdictionary.ie (same as English Irish dictionary http://www.englishirishdictionary.com) is having trouble. The site is running, except that if you search for an Irish word it displays a database error. All other searches work fine.

One person emailed info@irishdictionary.ie but that email address bounced.

Let me know any updates if it’s back working again.

Thanks to Jonathon, David and Michael for the tips.

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